Braut 3 - Articles from Northern European Road History

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A book of seven articles of Road History written in English.

"The word braut is an old Nordic word for road. It is linked to the werb brjota, "to break", and refers to a built road. The word braut is still present in the Nordic languages, unchanged in Norwegian and Icelandic.The Danish variant is brod and the Swedish bröt.

According to Snorre's Ynglingesaga, in seventh century Sweden there was a King Anund who was called Bröt-Anund, as he let roads be built through the wilderness."

List of articles:

Paulauskas, Jonas: Old Roads of Lithuania
Dziedataja, Indra: Evidence of Ancient Roads in the Territory of Latvia
Bochenek-Kolano, Katarzyna: A Short History of Polish Roads
Pentti, Mikko: The Ox Road from Turku to Hämeenlinna
Paulsrud, Geir: King's Roads in Norway
Raid, Tonu: In the Footsteps of Priest Henry on the 13th Century Estonian Roads to Tallinn
Montelius, Jan-Olof: The Oldest Stone Bridges in Sweden

Edit. Stormbringer, Geir Atle et al. 138 p. Nordbalt 2017.
ISBN 978-82-91130-44-6

NB! There is minor damage in the corners of the book cover due transportation.
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